Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

Neck pain is arguably the most common pain in the world and second only to backache. It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are lots of neck massager tools available for your shopping. The use of at-home neck massagers can be beneficial for treating neck and shoulder pain, especially after a long day at a desk, intense exercise, and stress.

Recent studies indicate that massage, including self-massage, can be helpful for stress relief and short-term pain reduction. Aside from that, massage therapy is found to reduce pain by relaxing the body.

What is the purpose of a neck massager?

Neck massagers are designed to help relieve muscle tension, muscle pain, and pain in the neck like a stiff neck. A neck massager works by applying pressure to certain points of the body to relax tense muscles, provide a deep massage, and ease the pain.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

However, if you experience chronic neck discomfort or sudden pain that doesn’t seem to be related to an injury, an experienced healthcare professional should always be consulted.

In this article, we are going to talk about several different massage tools for the neck that will help soothe aching muscles, improve blood flow, and target pressure points.

Types of neck massagers

There are different types of neck massagers in the market today from manual massagers to electric neck massagers. It is now possible to purchase massagers in various styles and features to help alleviate pain.

Massage products vary significantly between styles and features and for your enjoyment we have created this list of top neck massagers. Here’s a list of neck massaging tools that can be beneficial for you and would suit your situation best:

Wrap-around neck massager

A wraparound massager is draped over your neck and shoulders for maximum relief from pain. They can be worn either using adjustable arm straps to apply the required pressure. It comes with heat and massage nodes that deliver deep tissue massage and muscle relaxation. It is a versatile deep tissue massager that not only targets pain in the neck but can also be used as a shoulder massager or a neck and back massager.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

massager around the specific body part that you want to get relief from pain and it will give you an effective deep kneading shiatsu massage of the different pressure pain points. You can select from the eight massage mode settings and adjust hand grips and speed settings depending on the intensity of the massage. The direction and heat settings help tailor a massage. This neck massager with heat is designed for travel as they come in a handy carrying pouch and charging case.

Massage seats

Massage chairs are items that you place into your home for your everyday use. They are hugely expensive but it is probably the closest it can come to an actual massage.

Because of its price, not all can avail themselves of a massage chair which is why a massage pad or cushion is another good alternative. Make your favorite chair a massage chair with a chair massage pad. This is usually hooked up the back with a tight slit to the throat to achieve an intense massage for pain and relaxation.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

A shiatsu massage in the neck area offers excellent features for pain and provides a deep muscle massage to the neck. On your back, there are 5 massage programs including finger pressure shiatsu, air compression, and vibration, and 3 massage speeds to choose from. You also get the choice of heating, but it’s just your back. Heat therapy increases stress relief and an easy-operation remote keeps everyone safe.

It features 9 vibrating zones that target the upper, middle, lower, and lumbar backs, the neck, the hips, and the thighs that can be customized according to your needs.

Electric wearable massager

Many of our massagers are versatile and can be used on different areas of the body. For those of us suffering from neck discomfort, we may be looking for something just to do it for our neck!

Our Smart Neck Massager has six massage heads with TENS technology, which is used to generate microcurrent pulses and heat therapy that stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain and fatigue in the body at the same time enjoying a soothing neck massage.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

This quality neck massager mimics the effect of traditional massages and provides quick relief from pain. It is perfect for people who are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Manual massage rollers

This manual massager offers deep kneading performance that provides pain relief in targeted painful areas and with its curved design, it fits comfortably in your hands and is easy to use anywhere.

As expected, you’re getting fewer features, but these powerful massage balls will help you treat your pains. This six-wheel massage roller is specifically designed to relieve tension in your muscles and improve the movement of your body.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

These comfortable and effective massage silicone balls can be used as a neck and back massager. This enhances blood flow and relieves tension and pain.

Handheld percussion massage gun

You’ll have to treat your neck with a massage if your neck feels uncomfortable or a bit painful. One tool that gives you optimum comfort in massage is a handheld massage gun.

This handheld massager is equipped with a powerful 3600 RPM motor that will dig deep into your tissues and muscles for the ultimate massage experience.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

Compared to other massage guns, this cordless massager gun has 99 adjustable intensity speeds to relax tense and stiff muscles. It also has 8 replaceable heads for a variety of customizable massage experiences.

Travel massage pillows

If you frequently travel, you know the importance of excellent neck support in every long haul. Bringing a travel massage pillow with you can make all the difference.

Different Kinds Of Massage Tools For Neck Pain

This travel massage pillow is equipped with massage nodes that knead those knots like a shiatsu massager. It eases sore muscles and has a U-shaped ergonomic curve that conforms perfectly to the shape of your spine. It ensures maximum comfort to your desired sleeping angle.

Choosing the best neck massager for you

Since there are many massagers for the neck in the market already, choosing the best and highest-quality neck massager for you can be difficult and confusing. So, when considering which neck massager to buy, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of massage do I need? Shiatsu massage, vibration massage, etc.
  • Is a heated massage important for me?
  • Will I be massaging myself? or will someone help me massage my neck?
  • If I massage myself, can I control this?
  • Does this fit my budget?
  • Can I take this with me every time?

All of these massagers can provide the relief that you need from the pain that is caused by sprains, strains, or conditions such as osteoarthritis. It can also be used to reduce the discomfort caused by tension headaches.

Whatever type of massager you choose, you can benefit from pain reduction and stress relief.